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The Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations: 2006 – Now!

It seems like it was only yesterday we were all rocking thick stripe highlights and crimped hair. My, oh my, have we come a long way. Like fine wine, hair trends get better over time. It’s hard to believe that 2006 was a decade ago! So much has changed, including our favorite celebrities’ style. Check out the good, bad, and downright cringe-worthy celebrity hairstyles from a decade ago.


This good girl has definitely gone FAB. It’s hard to imagine Rihanna rocking any tamed hairdo these days.


Glam queen Kim Kardashian used to look very girl-next-door with her simple and dainty hairstyles.


Let’s face it, Queen Bey has always been fierce! But, we love how her style has matured.


Remember when our favorite redhead shocked the world and went brunette?!  The light to dark transformation was so in back then, but we’re happy to see LiLo back to her fiery roots.


Celebrities don’t wear enough hair accessories these days! Never ever one to be “200late,” Fergie’s style has always been ahead of the game.


We can’t believe J. Lo’s been hiding that volume all these years. Although we cherish her sleek and sexy hairdos of the past, we love that she’s embraced her va-va-voom hair.


Back in 2006, the former Disney starlet made a bold move by switching from sunny blonde to chestnut brown. Now, Hilary explores all the colors of the rainbow.


Who would’ve thought this country-pop sweetheart would trade in her long girly curls for a chic and short ‘do?  Yass!


#TBT alert! When her “The Evolution” album was the hottest record out there, Ciara had all the girls rocking a head full of voluminous curls. Ever the manespiration, the singer now rocks effortlessly cool and simple looks.


During her Hannah Montana days, Miley was just an innocent Disney star with adorable curls. Now, she’s constantly pushing the envelope with wild and wacky styles.

Which was your favorite celebrity transformation? Let us know in the comments below!

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