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The Coachella Hair Survival Guide

When it comes to a weekend in the desert, hair is the last thing on your mind- and it shouldn’t be! While it may seem easy to leave your hair down and rock your boho waves, it won’t take long for the heat and sweat of a festival to wreak havoc on your hair. We’ve talked to some of the industries experts about keeping your mane game strong this festival season.

french braids, pigtail braids, inside out braid, dutch braid, mane addicts

“If you’re at a festival the last thing you want to think about is your hair. I’m a huge fan of braids. If you have long hair I would suggest throwing in some leave in or deep conditioner in clean damp hair. Comb it through. Then separate your hair down the middle of your head and do two cornrow/french braids on each side. The more messed up and less perfect the better. This way your hair is out of your way, and you’re deep conditioning as your parting.

NOTE: Sunblock on the part is a must! There is nothing worse then a sunburned scalp that then flakes.

bumble and bumble grooming creme surf spray

I’m a big fan of low maintenance hair in the summer. So leaving it natural or pulled up would be my go to. On damp hair, spray a little Surf Spay followed by a dab of Bumble & Bumble Grooming Crème. If you don’t have those products, an easy trick is to add a small amount of your favorite body lotion to your damp hair starting at the bottom and working it through. I’d stay away from your scalp and around your hairline so not to get to greasy.”

– John Ruggiero, Sports Illustrated Hairstylist Extraordinaire

braids oribe grandiouso mousse

“Don’t over product your hair as it will not only melt in the sun, which could make you look like your sweating before you even get your dance on and can turn into a really sticky situation. I suggest washing your hair the night before: add a quarter size of Oribe Grandiose Plumping Mouse. If you sleep with it in braided pigtails while it’s slightly damp it will lock in a natural effortless wave. The mouse will give it larger-then-life body that’s soft to touch and never crunchy.”

Joey Maalouf, Master of Rachel Zoe Waves

festival hair boho braids

“I find the best advice for an all-day outdoor festival is to keep your hair style simple and to make sure you protect your hair from extended exposure to the sun.

alterna bamboo beach summer sun

I recommend Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine Spray to help protect your hair from the sun and Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray leave-in conditioner to put moisture back into your hair after a long day in the sun.”

Nathan Rosenkranz, Alterna Haircare Stylist.

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