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The Definitive Ranking of All of the Best Volumizing Shampoos

Lank locks are no match for these volumizing shampoos.

Lifeless, flat-falling tresses are one of this season’s biggest struggles. Seriously, we’re working overtime to keep our manes looking blown out and beautiful. And volumizing sudsers are essential to that process. These must-have cleansers are an absolute staple when it comes to maintaining bounce and body. Perfect hair starts at the roots, so give those bad boys a bit of a boost. From budget buys to super splurges and everything in between, we rounded up the best of the best here.

These best volumizing shampoos will keep your locks lifted and lovely all year long.

(via Pixie Set)

Best Overall: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo

A lightweight classic. When you want something tried and true, Bumble and Bumble is the way to go. With a little help from pro-vitamin B5, this fantastic shampoo adds fullness and provides some major lift at the roots.

(via Sephora)

Best for Fine Hair: Odele Volumizing Shampoo

Odele is bringing salon-quality, clean beauty to the masses with an incredible volumizing shampoo. At just $12, you can add shine and fullness with the help of this 100% natural formula.

(via Target)

Best Splurge: Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Lightweight Care Shampoo

At $49 a bottle, the price point for this lovely sudser is a bit steep. But, it’s totally worth it. Fit for fine hair, this deep sea water formula rebalances your strands for a lightweight, lifted set of locks.

(via Sephora)

Best Clean Shampoo: Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Hair Volumizing Shampoo

When it comes to clean beauty, Briogeo is always the best. With nearly all natural ingredients, like ginseng and biotin, this volumizing product can given even the flattest hair a much-needed lift.

(via Sephora)

Best for Color-Treated Hair: Christophe Robin Volume Shampoo Paste

With Rassoul clay and rose extract, this unique clay-to-foam formula removes impurities and adds a bit of body. In addition, this volume shampoo is wonderful, weightless, and color-enhancing to boot.

(via Sephora)

Best for Damaged Hair: Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo

Infused with vital nutrients, like coconut oil and wheat protein, this strengthening shampoo moisturizes and volumizes at the same time. Add shine, softness, and fullness with this bond-building cleanser.

(via Sephora)

Best Drugstore Shampoo: Pantene Sheer Volume

Some drugstore staples never fail to disappoint. Pantene is one of those. With Pro-V nutrients and antioxidants, this silicone-free product will plump up your strands without breaking the bank.

(via Target)

Best for Sensitive Scalps: Better Not Younger Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo

Free of sulfates and full of soothing ingredients like hops, bamboo, and burdock root, this ultra-gentle formula will fluff up that mane without stressing out your scalp.

(via Sephora)

Best Anti-Aging Shampoo: Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging Multiplying Volume Shampoo

Younger, fuller locks are right around the corner. With a unique marine plumping complex, this moisture-rich shampoo reduces breakage, enhances color, and lifts locks at the root.

(via Sephora)

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