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A Curl Expert Breaks Down the Detangling Tips You Need to Know

After wash days, the second least dreaded part of our hair routine has to be the detangling process. Curly girls especially know the pain of detangling a mane replete with knots all too well. Ahead, take it from Shai Amiel aka The Curl Doctor, on the detangling hair tips every curly girl should follow, including what not to do, and what comb not to use.

Photo: @shaiamiel

Use Your Fingers

I prefer to detangle with my fingers while the conditioner is on the hair. It’s best to let the conditioner sit on the hair while we shower. The steam of the shower helps the hair absorb the conditioner and makes it really soft and easier to detangle.

Avoid Breakage

My fingers are the best because they can feel the tangle and won’t rip through the hair. If you can’t use your fingers, then I recommend a soft bristle brush like the Wet Brush.

Use a Creamy Conditioner

I jump between the Innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner and the Saphira Divine Conditioner from.

The Slippery Factor

The hair is the softest when it’s wet and coated with conditioner. Dry hair won’t have the same slippery factor that helps remove tangles.

Photo: @shaiamiel

Don’t Do This

People brush their hair when it’s dry. You can hear the brush tear the hair. It’s one of the reasons we can’t grow out the length because it keeps breaking.

Or This

People love using a hard bristle brush, like the Denman or a wide tooth comb, but neither has soft bristles that have any slack. The stiff brush/comb will tear the hair.

The Best Time to Detangle

With conditioner on the hair when it’s wet.

Photo: @shaiamiel



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