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The Expert Guide to Buying a Blow Dryer

A solid blow dryer should do two things: make your life easier and your mane prettier. If yours doesn’t meet the requirements, it’s time you kicked it to the curb. Moving on won’t be a mission, because we tapped five celebrity hairstylists about their favorite hair dryer. Keep reading for the expert guide to choosing the right suitor for your strands.


blow dryer tools hair dryer barbar 9800 george papanikolas

“When I buy a blow dryer, I look for power. My favorite is Barbar.  It’s high wattage, and super powerful. Plus it has an extra wide nozzle which lets me do my blowout super fast.”

— George Papanikolas Andy Lecompte Salon LA/Rita Hazan Salon NYC/Belle Femme Salon Dubai @georgepapanikolas



blow dryer hair dryer tool parlux 385 parlux powerlight christine symonds harper salon

“Finding a blow dryer can be a tricky thing. The main two components I look for are weight and power. I like a light weight dryer that packs a punch when it comes to air flow. I find that Parlux has a variety of dryers that meet those requirements. The Parlux Powerlight is the perfect everyday blow dryer, it also helps that it comes in seven cute colors. I also make sure to tell my clients to keep the nozzle, that is the trick to controlling the direction of the air and heat for a more controlled style.”

— Christine Symonds, Harper Salon @christinesymondshair



hair dryer paul mitchell neuro touch motion activated dryer tools

“My fave blow dryer is the Paul Mitchell Neuro Motion Dryer. It is amazing! It’s light weight and it’s tourmaline, which allows the hair to dry quickly with minimum frizz. It’s a great investment for a stylist and consumer.”

— Ursula Stephen @ursulastephen



tools blow dryer hair dryer elchim neil grupp

“For blowdryers I only use Elchim blowdryers…I have for the past 10 years. They’re made in Italy and very reliable. I just sent five in the other day to get the motors fixed—I’m that loyal, now some look vintage. They get really hot and also cold which is important to use cold air if you love dry shampoo it helps push it out of the hair without making it stick to scalp when you use hot air.”

— Neil Grupp @neilgrupp



tools hair dryer blow dryer Parlux Parlux 385

“The best blow dryer to buy in my opinion is the Parlux 385. It’s one of the fastest, hottest and lightest on the market.”

— Chad Wood @chadwoodhair

 See the list of MA-approved hair dryers, here.



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