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The Expert Guide to Buying a Curling Iron


We’ve already let you in on the experts’ tips to buying a blow dryer and a flat iron, but no pro tool guide would be complete without mention of the third sister: the curling iron. Ahead, some of the industry’s leading stylists on what tools they insist are the cream-of-the-crop for creating curls. 


curling iron tools styling tools beachwaver pro 1.25

“It is important to get tools that have digital temperature and can adjust to your hair type. The extra long barrel in a curling iron helps to create an extended, loose feel to the curl. Look for ceramic in curling irons to protect your hair. Fast recovery time keeps an even heat throughout the barrel and internal heaters that match the length of the barrel create uniform curls that last. My favorite curling iron: The Beachwaver PRO 1.25″.”— Sarah Potempa @sarahpotempa




curling iron Gold N Hot curling iron Ursula Stephen tools styling tools curls waves

Gold ‘N Hot is still my fave curling iron. It’s inexpensive, sold everywhere, and does the job exceptionally. The other great thing is that it comes in two styles, one for the professional and one for the consumer.” —Ursula Stephen @ursulastephen



curling iron hot tools ceramic curling iron tools styling tools Christine Symonds

“As far as curling irons go, I have been a longtime fan of Hot Tools. They are super affordable and do everything the higher priced ones do. I would invest in a good blow dryer and keep it simple when it comes to curling irons. Hot Tools irons allow you to control the temperature to keep your hair healthy and have ceramic irons to protect your hair from heat damage.” —Christine Symonds, Harper Salon @christinesymondshair



curling iron babyliss pro ceramic iron tools styling tools hot tools jemma muradian curls waves curly

“To pick a curling iron, start from a very simple approach first: make sure the size is right for your hand. Often when the iron is too heavy or the handle is uncomfortable for your hand it makes it hard to turn to get the desired curl, wave etc. A lightweight one is so much easier to use especially when you have a lot of hair and you have to use it longer. Then check the material the iron is made from and how quickly it heats up. It seems to me the simpler design the better. All these things you can ask about in a store when purchasing. One of my favorites is BaByliss Pro Ceramic. Its surface is great for many types of hair and it’s durable. It’s lasted me for so many years and I use it on clients in the salon and on shoots and it never disappoints.” —Jemma Muradian @jemma_muradian

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