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The Expert Guide to Buying a Flat Iron

Whether you’re after silky-sleek strands or wave-like bends, a flat iron fulfills the most basic hair necessities yet finding the fittest one is the grail of many mane addicts. That’s why we sought advice from hairstylists who tend to the hair of A-listers and top models. In the hands of a pro, you can never go wrong. Below, get their tips on picking the perfect straightener.


flat iron styling iron ceramic styling iron ghd ceramic styling  iron straightener straight tools GHD

“Nowadays there are so many on the market that it’s really confusing for a person who’s not in the hair business to choose, so many shapes and lengths of irons exist. I find that one of my favorites is GHD Platinum not only because it has great smooth fry zone plates but it lets you make the hair straight or make undone waves without creating breakage.  The iron is so well-designed that it seems with the slightest turn you can create waves because it has rounded edges. And if you just pass it slowly through the strand all the way straight down, the hair still looks fresh, straight, soft and not over-processed. It has the perfect heat settings—not too hot but hot enough to work for many textures. That one setting of heat seems easy and it takes seconds to warm up. It’s a great treasure to have in your hair kit.” —Jemma Muradian, ARTE Salon @jemma_muradian



flat iron coast pro ceramic styling iron beachwaver co sarah potempa tools

With a flat iron, look for a digital temperature that goes to a professional heat of 450 degrees, but is adjustable. Also look for floating plates to create a smoother finish, and ceramic to add shine. Favorite flat iron: The Coast Pro Ceramic.” —Sarah Potempa @sarahpotempa



flat iron tools straightener harry josh pro ceramic styling iron

“I love the Harry Josh Ceramic Styling Iron and Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver Iron as well. They both get hot which is important and they feel comfortable in my hand as well. Sarah taught me how to do a C-type wave with her iron which is fun to give a different type of wave. I find it important to use brands that are lead by great hairdressers and Harry and Sarah both understand what we need to elevate the craft and make women and men everywhere have an easier time looking their best.” —Neil Grupp @neilgrupp



flat iron straightener tools GHD Platinum ceramic styling iron GHD

“For flat irons one of the best is the GHD, the nano technology heats the iron up to the perfect temperature for each person’s hair. So you will never burn you hair or over style.” —Chad Wood @chadwoodhair

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