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HOW-TO: The Faux Fishtail Braid by Sascha Breuer

We get that the average girl needs quick hairstyles that can be done in a pinch, so we teamed with Byrdie and Sascha Breuer to bring you a series of styles that are fast, simple, and easy to recreate. If you like the look and feel of all the fancy fishtail braids you see on Pinterest, but don’t want to spend hours trying to perfect it, take a look at our faux version below.


1. Separate your hair into two even sections. Clip one side to keep it out of the way.

2. Using a wide-tooth comb, like the Tidy Detangling Comb ($8) from Sephora, start back-combing your hair in large vertical sections. Start from the back of your head and work toward the front. You’ll probably need about three sections.

3. Release the side that’s clipped, and back-comb that section. If your hair is parted to the side, tease the top piece, too.

4. Keep the two sides separate as you start to roll one of them. Starting along your hairline behind your ear, roll your hair back toward your part. Don’t try to get all your hair at once.

5. Once you reach the back, insert a bobby pin down the length of your twist. You may need more than one bobby pin to hold it in place. It’s okay if your twist isn’t perfect; let it come a little loose.

6. To finish, spritz texturizing spray all over (we’re using Stay Essential Finishing Spray ($16) from Wella) and muss it all up. The more disheveled it is, the better your faux-fishtail pony will look.


Videographer: Dave Lang @thedavelang

Hair: Sascha Breuer @sascha_breuer

Makeup: Jeffrey Baum @jeffreybaummakeup

Nails: Barbara Warner @barbarawarner

Model: Bryden

Produced by Clique Studio with Byrdie.

2 minutes

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