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The Funniest Animal Hair Videos That Don’t Disappoint

Animal vids and hair tutorials are two of our favorite corners of the inter webs – and it’s even better when they combine.

We headed to TikTok because we needed a break (and a laugh) and returned obsessed with these animal meets hair vid mash ups. This hybrid genre makes us fully LOL, or at least smile. So, since you don’t need another thing to do, we present to you some of the cutest, funniest, adorbz animal-hair content trending right now.

New Bangs, Who Dis?

This guinea pig getting bangs is all of us.


@schitts_pigsNew year, new me! #guineapigsoftiktok #fyp

♬ original sound – Makayla

When I Complete a Style Successfully

Let’s standardize the round of applause when hair looks its best, thanks.


@schitts_pigsCan I get a round of applause for my guinea pig?

♬ laydeees and gentelman her – oeSOPHagus

Step-by-Step Regimen

Looking to bring this level of enthusiasm to my next at-home appointment.


@scout2015On a scale 1-10(10the best) how cute would you say this pup is after her bath🥺🛁 #animals #grooming #fyp

♬ Boss Bitch – Doja Cat

Looking for My Blowdryer Like…

Can I at least get a towel?


@cocopuff138Shasta #fyp #banggang #pom #grooming #animals #funny #tiktok #cute #dogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – ItsJustNyissa

Snatched Layers

It’s the cut coming together for me, dawg,



#duet with @jewelmitcell He really said ✨ choke it ✨ #Snapshot #pov #react #fyp #trending #viral #comedy #acting #funny #animals #dog #grooming #pets

♬ The Cuppycake Song – Buddy Castle

If “Over It” Was a Sound

When you want your stylist to back TF off.


@meekathehuskyGrooming My Own Husky Goes Wrong! 😱🤣 Who Saw The FULL VIDEO?! #funniestanimals #funniesttiktoks #animalsofttiktok♬ original sound – Meeka 🐺💕

2 minutes

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