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Trend Alert: The Center Plait Braid at Tibi


As seen on the runway for Tibi and Brit Wacher this look is unconventionally fab.  We’re talking people taking second glances to check out the small details of this understated yet intense look.   Conclusion… must try this season because we’re definitely in love!

  1. Prep hair using your favorite smoothing serum.
  2. Blow dry damp hair with a boar bristle brush for a sleek finish.
  3. Using a rat tail comb, create a panel through the center of your hairline to the nape of your neck at least 1 inch wide and clip remaining hair away.
  4. Begin a three strand braid at the hairline and continue adding hair (as if you are french braiding) until you’ve reached the base of the neck.
  5. Secure with a small elastic and finish with Oribe Superfine Hairspray.

Want more runway? HERE’S how to get the long Sade-inspired braid at Cushnie. 

2 minutes

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