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The Hair Accessory Serious Athletes Can’t Live Without

Athlete, Workout, Hair, Headband

Ever wonder how Olympic Athletes like Alex Morgan and Sydney LeRoux tame their long locks when competing for their country at the highest level in front of millions of fans? Maybe you’ve seen their pink/purple headbands and thought it was some sort a nike-brand hair tie.

Alex Morgan, Athlete, Workout, Hair, Headband

 Hair Accessory, Athlete, hair, kaylyn kyle

Nope. It’s a piece of a $3 role of pre-taping foam. In soccer-girl world, it’s called Pre-Wrap and it comes in all kinds of colors. You rip of a piece, tie it around your neck and either roll in onto your head or fold and place it neatly. Athletes love it because it grips to hair like nothing else in the market. Plus, it’s disposable, so you can toss it after a 90 minute sweat sesh without feeling guilty.

 Athletes, hair, accessory, wrap, pink

Oh, and one roll = hundreds of headbands. You game?

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