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The Kardashian’s Hair Stylist Launched a Collection and It’s All Under $5

Out of all the celebrity hairstylists we worship, Andrew Fitzsimons has a spot at the top of the list. So, when we found out that Andrew, who is responsible for some of the Kardashian’s most iconic look, was launching a namesake product line – dubbed AF — we had to try it. Aside from the tranquil millennial pink that serves as the collection’s signature, the first thing we noticed was the price. Standing out from other celeb lines that retail at approx. $30 a product, the line is priced from $3-$5, which is seriously cheap AF. 

Image via AF

What inspired the line?

Curating my own haircare collection is something I’ve dreamed of for a long time and I’m so grateful to Primark (aka “Penny’s” in Ireland!) for this opportunity. I was really passionate about bringing great products to the market at an accessible price point, as well as use under-represented models in the campaign,” explains Andrew. “For so long, we’ve been shown basically just one idea of what beauty is, which to me isn’t enough — there’s no one standard of beauty; all women are beautiful. This collection is for everyone, and I wanted it to feel that way,” he continues of the inclusive line.

Why Primark?

Andrew partnered with Primark because he’s watched the stores grow, and always been a Primark shopper.  “I wanted to create a haircare line that was accessible and affordable to all women and I knew Primark would be the perfect partner because that’s what they are famous for,” he says of making sure the line is affordable. Affordability merged with quality was the priority when creating the collection.

“I grew up in circumstances where getting access to quality beauty products wasn’t possible, they were just too expensive,” says Andrew. “There’s been so much innovation in the beauty industry in the years since that it’s now easier than ever to bring high quality, high performing products to the market at a more accessible cost. For me, it was the ultimate dream to be able to offer women the best quality products at a price anyone can afford.”

Glam room fit

The collection was designed with the “glam room” in mind, and just looking at the collection makes you feel cute AF. “Light pink and peach for the blush and lips and the nudes for contouring that all work in harmony and will look beautiful in everyone’s glam rooms and bathrooms,” he says – and we can’t emphasize the power of an on-point shelfie enough.

Image via AF

Here’s what’s in it

AF is a limited edition collection (at least for the time being) and will be available for 12 weeks. The collection features a case to take products on the go, with a holographic peachy exterior and the AF logo embossing. The shampoo and conditioner are formulated with ceramides to repair and replenish – which is important if you treat your mane like a celebrity, and heat style or overload it with products on the daily. The collection smells sweet but not overpowering, which is definitely welcome. You can wear it with or without fragrance and be okay.

Image via Emilie Branch

After shampooing and conditioning, we try the hair mask, which brings the shine – unsurprising since it’s made with coconut oil.  Our favorite product has to be the Luxe Hair Oil, which tames frizz and delivers moisture just as a higher-priced oil would. Aside from the products, the best part of the collection is the accessories. AF includes No Mark Hair Clips – which are a backstage staple but weirdly hard to get in the real world – and never this cute. There are also 2 brushes (a round brush and paddle brush for blow-drying) as well as a tail comb, hair clamps and silk scrunchies in both large and small.

Image via AF
Image via AF

All in all, the kit has everything you need for a base level styling. Even if you skip the shampoo and conditioner for your more routine staples, we would stock up on the clips, clamps, and scrunchies which look much more expensive and are kind on tresses. All in all, at this price point, you can afford to go crazy AF. 😉

AF shares his ultimate celeb flat hair hack, HERE.

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