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The Mid Length Cut


It seems wherever we look these days, the mid length cut is all we see. Whether it’s a model off duty pic or a recent celebrity snapshot, the consensus is clear: the mid length cut is all the rage.  And we can see why. This length as the perfect compromise; a way to keep some length but get rid of those nasty sun bleached ends.



So thinking of making the cut? Fortunately, there are many variations of this look. We suggest asking your stylist for a collarbone grazing length, an area that tends to be flattering on most people.  Of course, depending on your face shape, this can vary by a few inches, so consulting a professional is always the best bet. Rounder face shapes could use an extra inch or two of length where more narrow face shapes could benefit from a shorter line and more layers.



Another thing about this length that seems to be consistent across the board? Texture. Ask your stylist about using a razor for cutting to create more movement and to leave the hair with a more lived in feel. Opt for products that will enhance your natural wave and curl pattern and don’t spend too much time styling. Use this new length as an opportunity for a fresh start with your ends and keep heat styling to a minimum. For finer hair types, a mousse can be your best friend. For thicker hair types, try a combination of moisturizing leave-in treatments and sea salt spray.


So what do we recommend? 

Oribe Surfcomber Mousse

Davines Oi All In One Milk

Sachajuan Ocean Mist


Curious about creating these waves at home? If you MUST heat style, try our effortless waves hair tutorial.

2 minutes

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