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The Mousse Muse


Contrary to popular belief, mousse is more than a byproduct of the 80’s.  A fashion week staple and a must have in all backstage bags, this fashion foam is perfect for an array of styles on and off runway.  We love the way mousse compliments this low pony’s diverse texture- sleek at the top and natural through the ends.

To get the look, you need a mousse.  There’s a whole market to hunt from, so we narrowed it down to our four favorites.

For our featured style, the only other supplies you’ll need are a comb and elastics (we prefer these soft elastics to avoid snagging and breakage).


To start, apply your favorite mousse liberally in sections at the root.

Then, use a comb to distribute the product from roots through mid-shaft.

Next, comb hair towards the nape of your neck.

* For added smoothness use your hands to press and sculpt hair from front to back in a gathering motion *

Secure with an elastic to finish and rough up the ends a bit by backcombing and gently teasing for added fullness.

… and because there’s no limit with what you (and little mousse) can do, we’re leaving you with some mousee inspired #manespiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Do you have a favorite mousse?  Let us know in the comments!

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