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The Natural Hair Care Line We’ve Been Waiting For…

la tierra sagrada all natural hair care all natural shampoo all natural salt spray vegan hair care vegan hair productsThese days, we’re immune to the cryptic ingredient list on hair product labels. Careful to screen everything we put into our bodies, we ignore that same screening process when it comes to our manes. That was then. Now, with La Tierra Sagrada, an all-natural hair care line launched by veteran hairstylist Stefani Padilla, we can skip an ingredient scan altogether.

In response to the hair loss she experienced from treating a series of auto immune disorders, Stefani formulated a range of products aligned with the plant medicine that aided her recovery. La Tierra Sagrada, which means the Sacred Earth, is the result of Stefani’s seven-year-long exploration of the healing powers of plants. Now, Stefani’s bestowing the benefits she experienced onto anyone who’s suffering from hair loss due to illness, medication, stress, or postpartum.

The line’s first-born products include a Salt Spray, Jojoba Oil, and Treatment Mask, and it barely suffices to say we’re obsessed. When a product is made with ten ingredients or less, you know your hair’s getting the royal treatment. With the heat-styling we routinely expose our strands to, we’re especially crushing on the treatment mask. In addition to wonder-working plant extracts, ingredients like babassu oil boost shine and meadowfoam seed oil lock in moisture. An equally all-natural shampoo and conditioner are the latest additions to the line. The duo’s star ingredient, Radish Root Ferment, has an anti-inflammatory property that helps balance dandruff and smooth scalp irritations. If you’re not on an all-natural haircare kick yet, you will be once your hair tastes La Tierra Sagrada. 

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