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Your Favorite Skincare Brand Just Dropped Its First Shampoo and Conditioner

Simple, clinical, skincare. That’s what cult-favorite brand The Ordinary set out to provide when it first popped up on our radar.

Known for high-quality, low-cost products with targeted formulations (boasting ingredients like retinol, plant oils, acids, and vitamins no less), the paired-down brand quickly became a go-to. Like so many others in the beauty world, we’ve been waiting for an expansion. And this month, The Ordinary made its move, launching the brand’s first-ever shampoo and conditioner.

So how does it stack up? Read on to find out.

Emphasis on Scalp Care

The Ordinary is first and foremost a skincare brand. So it’s no surprise that their latest haircare products focus especially on the scalp. While it isn’t the first skincare brand to make this jump, it is one of the first to opt for a scalp-centric approach. With the brand’s signature minimalist design and packaging, the focus is entirely on the ingredients, highlighting the importance of the science behind the products themselves.

The Ordinary Shampoo

To start, the shampoo cleanser is fragrance-free and formulated with a 4% sulfate solution, fit for both hair and body. Yes, you read that right. While sulfates are largely maligned in the beauty industry, they do serve a specific purpose: to create a seamlessly blended solution that effectively washes away dirt and grime. If properly mixed, a mild sulfate solution can be beneficial without the drawbacks of irritation. On first use, we can handily say that this solution is properly mixed and gentle. It’s important to note that, while the cleanser doesn’t really lather like other shampoos, a little bit still goes a long way. And, it’s color-safe.

The Ordinary Conditioner

Then there’s the conditioner. Formulated with 2% behentrimonium chloride, this lightweight conditioner fights frizz and restores healthy shine and moisture to tired strands. The texture of this conditioner may throw you for a loop initially. It’s not the traditional thick cream-like conditioner most brands opt for. Instead, it’s a much more liquid, gel-like compound. But that certainly doesn’t mean it’s less moisturizing than alternatives on the market. This lightweight lather hydrates on impact, instantly improving the touch and feel of dry tresses.

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