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The Pool Party Primping Guide

Pool Party Turban

Temperatures are heating up and you know what that means–it’s officially the season for pool parties and BBQs. And since nothing screams summer like sharing a #selfie while strategically posing on an inflatable flamingo, we’re sharing pool party pointers to get your mane Instagram ready.


While pool parties offer the perfect scenery to hone that summer tan, the same UV rays are wreaking havoc on your hard-earned highlights. Treat strands with protective products like a color-minded shampoo and a UV veil that block out the sun’s exposure.


Trust us, nobody wants to be the girl at the pool party who looks like they’re trying too hard. Embrace the laid back vibes of summer and stick to a low maintenance style that will hold up in the heat. Beachy waves can transition into an easy texturized pony, while double French braids remain the trendiest way to keep unruly hair in check.


Whether you’re someone who prefers standing on the sidelines or the first person to cannonball into the water, always come prepared. Bring a few spare hair ties (you know some girl always asks for the one on your wrist), a nutrient-rich detangler and a brush made for working through wet strands. A handful of bobby pins and an anti-humidity hair spray will go a long way to touch up dry hair pre-or-post dip.


After the sun sets and the party dies down, give your sun-soaked strands a little TLC. Rinse hair with a moisture-packed shampoo and conditioner set before lathering on a treatment masque to help repair any damage caused while sipping sangria under the sun.

What’s your ultimate pool party tip? Let us know in the comments below



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