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Wes Sharpton’s Tips For the Best Textured Bob



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This week has been all about advising you on how to communicate with your hairstylist.  Today, we’ve switched things up by going out into the beauty field to ask New York (hairdressing) favorite Wes Sharpton his advice on how to obtain one of his awe-inspiring signature hairstyles.  Here’s what Wes, of Hairstory Studio had to say.

“A client should go to a hairdresser they trust, that is extremely comfortable using a straight razor. What’s great about the cut is that it can be blown out to look sleek, or worn curly, loose and natural. It’s very versatile.

With this haircut I took medium strokes with a straight razor.  Next, I made little V shaped cuts in the bangs to break them up and give it some mystery.   Last, the style was set with pin curls by fellow teammate Tony Kelley, using Purely Perfect Foundation Creme.”

For more information and haircut inspiration follow @WesSharpton on Instagram.

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