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The Ultimate Guide to Keep Fresh-Looking Braids

Low-maintenance hairstyles, yes please!

For days you don’t feel like dealing with your hair (think vacations getaways or a hectic work week), braided ‘dos are the way to go. Though the day-to-day upkeep of braids require minimal effort, it’s only a matter of time before your tightly woven locks turn into fuzzy, frizzy hair ropes. What’s a girl to do?

Not much, luckily. There are ways of maintaining neat and fresh braids without having to resort to crafting another style after a few days. To stick to your lazy gal hair routine, all you need is consistency and some occasional fine-tuning.

keep braids fresh | Mane Addicts

Polish Your Edges

The best way to make your braids look brand new every single time is by slicking down your edges. Frizzy hairlines and flyaways give hint that your braids are old. Fool ‘em all by taking an edge-control gel and brushing down your baby hairs with a toothbrush (one that’s used only for your hair).

Don’t Forget the Hairspray

Dull, dry braids are no match for a good can of hair sheen. Get into the habit of refreshing your locks with hairspray and a conditioning hair mist. This will help your hair stay healthy and hydrated, while prolonging your look for another day.

keep braids fresh 3 | Mane Addicts

Sleep in Satin

You can literally do this one in your sleep! If you want to keep your strands smooth and frizz-free, sleep on a satin pillowcase or wear a satin bonnet or scarf. Cotton pillowcases can rough up your hair cuticles and absorb all of the moisture, resulting in frizz, dryness, and dullness.

Get a Touch Up

Cornrows or boxed, long or short, natural hair or extensions —  all braids need a touch-up to stay fresh. After a couple of weeks of cornrows, it’s a good idea to redo them to sustain the look. If you’re rocking box braids, look out for frizz as that’s clear indication that it’s time for a refresher.

How do you keep your braids fresh? Let us know!

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