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The Ultimate Long Hair Inspo for Every Texture

Contemplating taking your tresses to greater lengths? Allow us to help you find a little inspiration. Of course, not all cuts are created equal. Your personal long hair goals ultimately depend on your hair health, texture, and thickness. That’s why we rounded up the ultimate long hair inspiration for tresses of every texture, from super straight to tightly coiled. Read on for your next waist-grazing ‘do.


If you’ve got straight strands, hip-hugging mermaid hair is definitely in your future. Kacey Musgraves dark brunette tresses are the ultimate long, straight ‘do. Add a retro fringe and you’re ready to take on the grow-out process.


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If your tresses have just a little bit of bend in them, you can totally capitalize on that volume. Go for something beachy and breezy, a la V.S. Angel Barbara Palvin. Her soft waves look totally glamorous with this lightly textured cut.


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Real waves can be a lot of work, but the payoff is totally worth it. Especially when you can rock ultra-long locks like Selena Gomez. We’re always in awe of her chestnut tresses. This waist-grazing aesthetic is ideal for wavy hair types.


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If your wavy strands err a little more on the curly side, a deep-side part is the way to go. Zendaya’s long mane looks amazing in this volume-enhancing style. We’re loving her subtle layers.


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Bouncy, defined curls are every girl’s dream. Actress Salma Hayek has the right idea with her mid-back length tresses. Her curly locks look sexy and full at this medium-to-long length, framing her face in all the right ways.


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If your curls follow more of a zig-zag pattern, take Janet Mock’s lead. This author and activist can rock a mane of any length. From shoulder-skimming cuts to layered chest length curls.


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Model Joyjah Estrada has it all: the mahogany hair color, the freckles, and a to-die-for set of lovely long coils. Her center-parted strands are gorgeous at this almost-waist length.


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Not only should you know which length to rock for your hair type, but you should know how to care for it. HERE is our expert-approved guide to caring for long hair!

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