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The Essential Hair Brushes You Need to Own

For the every day primper and hairstylists alike, the right hair styling brushes to use can remain a surprising mystery.  Most girls [and guys] only have one or two brushes in their home collection and chances are it isn’t the right one for their hair type or desired outcome.  We’re here to break down the essentials.  We’ve narrowed it down to our top 10- showing you some of our favorite brushes and making recommendations on what you will need for your hair texture and style.

1. The Mason Pearson

By far one of the most essential pieces in any girl’s arsenal.  This brush is made from a combination of boar and nylon bristles, making it easy to glide through the hair.  Used for a glossy and smooth finish, use to gather hair in chignon’s, pony’s, and slicked back looks.  The boar bristle’s gently pull the hair’s natural oils from the roots down, conditioning the hair and creating a gentle treatment for the scalp.  Great for using to brush out hair before bed to break up product build up, or before shampooing to detangle and condition.  This baby isn’t cheap but is worth the investment and lasts for years!

2. The Mini Mason Pearson

Just a smaller version of the classic, we like to use this for blowdrying bangs, and those fine baby hairs around the hairline and nape of the neck.

3. Sheila Stotts 

Made of needle like bristles that are spread apart, this brush is great for detangling wet hair, combing through extensions, and light backcombing.  Use in the shower to distribute conditioner evenly, after the shower for tangle free smoothing, and on dry hair to create airy lift.

4. Ibiza Extra Large EX5 Round Brush

Great for bouncy body, large curls, and for blowdrying long hair, large sections, or the back of the head.  Can be used on chin length hair or longer for lift and body.  Use on hair that is damp and gently rough dried to remove most of the moisture.  Make sure to create tension from the brush when drying to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair and prevent frizz.

5. Ibiza Hybrid Spiral Brush

Ideal for coarse and frizzy hair, the spiral bristles allow for natural wave and movement with the blow dry.  The variated length and and mix of boar and nylon bristles on this brush create easier grip on the hair.  Gently spin the brush to release the hair when blow drying to create large waves and bend in the hair.

6. Ibiza Concave RLX4

100% boar bristle, the concave shape meshes to the shape of the head easily.  Use on smaller sections of hair for an easy blow dry to create smooth and shiny locks.

7. Ibiza B Series

Great for fine, color treated, or blonde hair.  The light colored bristles made of boar and nylon create gentle grip and lots of shine.  Use the smaller sizes for the delicate hairs around the face and larger sizes for lift towards the crown and smoothing the back of the head.

8. GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 2

Ideal for mid length hair.  The ceramic barrel retains heat and allows for a faster and more smooth blow dry.  Use on hair that is 80% dry, then start by putting the brush on a section of hair at the root.  Direct the heat from the blowdryer down as you pull the brush down the lengths of the hair, gently rolling the ends under.  You can also use this brush as a hot roller by brushing the section of hair with tension, then rolling it up the the root and directing the heat on the brush until the hair dries.  Let the hair cool for a moment or hit it with the cool shot on the blowdryer then release.

9. GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 4 

Use for long and extra long hair or for lots of volume in mid lengths.  Similar to above, on rough dried (80% dry) hair, blow dry with tension, directing the nozzle of the blowdryer down as you pull the brush through the lengths and ends.  Gently rotate the brush under or vertically on the ends for a gently bend.

10. The Brush Bag 

Last but not least, you will need an uber chic carrying case for organization and traveling.  Check out the bag Hide and Seek Agency made for Jen Atkin.  Made of lambskin, it is available in large or small.  We love the functionality and and varying colors of this unique handmade piece.


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