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How To: The Glam-est of Them All

You found the dress, scored the perfect pinterest make-up tutorial, and stilettos are already in tow.  It’s easily said that you’ve done good work by quickly narrowing your NYE look. However, if you’re still missing the final wow factor in the mane department, look no further.  We’re pulling out the stops with this ultra-glam find (thanks to the pretty face/hair of Mona Johannesson) and lucky for you it’s simple as can be.



1.  On damp hair, liberally apply mousse starting at the roots and combing through the ends.  This will be the foundation product for your soon to be big hair.

2. Rough dry hair until hair is 80% dry.  This cuts down time of actually using a round brush and saves your arms from blow-dry hell.  Once you’re hitting that 80% mark make 3 sections on the top of your head and begin to round brush.  Once each section is dry, wrap around your fingers and pin into a curl; secure with a 2-prong clip.

Note:  If you have velcro rollers you can wrap each dry section in a curler, this provides the same stability as a clip.

3.  Continue drying all of your hair.  Use the round brush to dry hair at the roots in an upward motion for mega-volume. Set large sections over the entire head just like you did in step 2.

4. Once the hair is set, mist with a dry texture spray, allow to cool, then remove the clips.

5.  Next,  keep the quote “the higher the hair the closer to God” in mind and begin brushing through the set and backcombing at the roots.  Do the same backcombing at the sides and back for added height.

6.  Last, spray the dry texture spray all over for hold, grit, and texture.  Finish by loosely pulling the sides back and securing with a couple french hair pins.



2 minutes

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