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Halloween Hair How To: Daphne Guiness

It doesn’t take much to recognize Daphne Guiness as the strongly creative glamazon that she is.  As heiress to the Guiness family (who knew beer could be so chic?) Daphne has graced the fashion world with her enlightening and eclectic presence.  With over the top accessories and a few simple hair tricks, this proves an easy look for a super chic Halloween.


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Colored hair powder is a Godsend, especially when seeking a temporary color, with your natural color just a shampoo away.

  1. Prep your hair by creating two side panels [just behind the ear], then pinning away for later use.
  2. Take the entire back section and spray with Black Hair Powder by Bumble and Bumble. Eventually you’ll want the hair covered, but for now spray just enough to get a good texture going.
  3. Then, use a detailing brush to backcomb the hair.  The more, the better, as this is the foundation for the style. Note: If you’re hair needs a little extra help you can pick up some braiding hair ($2.29 at Sally’s) and add it into the mix for a thicker, more shapely cushion.
  4. Wrap hair into a french twist and secure with french style hair pins.  Complete this area by using the black hair powder to color any missed spots.  Grab a side section and backcomb hair for structure.  Detail the front pieces so they lay over and wrap around the french twist.
  5. Spray liberally with Oribe Superfine Hairspray for hold and finish by using Bumble and Bumble White Hair Powder for Daphne Guiness’ signature contrast.

Another option is to pick up a white wig and spray it partly black. HERE’S how to take care of your wig properly if you do go this route. 


2 minutes

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