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How to Create Iconic California Beach Waves

While the West Coast is known more for babes in bikinis than fashion filled runways, the SS15 runway shows make it apparent how coveted our languid locks have become.  As much as we like to pretend we woke up this flawless, the truth is, there’s a method behind this beauty madness.


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1.  Start by wrapping hair around a 1 1/4″ curling iron.  We’re going for soft and wavy vs. prom queen, so leave the ends out by hanging onto the ‘tail’.

2.  Next, use a flat iron to randomly relax the curls.  Too long of a pass through and the hair will straighten, so a quick touch is all you need.  If needed, the flat iron can also be used to add a bend; for quick reference click here.

This next part is where the magic happens, so take a second to enjoy this #manemoment.  Take the flat iron and straighten out the ends.  Though it may seem minor, this simple act of lengthening those ends is what makes that California hair bliss.

3.  Dry Texture time: Spray at the roots for added lift and everywhere else for wispy volume.

4.  Finish by smudging a dime size of clay wax in the palm of your hands, and use your fingers to work through the mid lengths to ends.

THIS is the perfect flat iron for your hair type.

2 minutes

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