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Mane Master at Large, Guido Palau

By now we’ve mentioned Guido Palau countless times through our Mane Addicts posts, so it only seemed appropriate to feature the British native during London Fashion Week.  Guido is one of the most iconic hairdressers of our time, deemed “The World’s most in-demand hair stylist” by British Vogue and fore father of the grunge fashion movement in the 90’s, defined by bare skin, smudged eyes, and disheveled locks.  Starting at Vidal Sassoon in London, his salon life was short lived as he soon found his niche in editorial, photographic, and fashion show styling.  His styles have been featured on every major runway and he holds a close relationship with some of the most influential designers including Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Donna Karen, Calvin Klein, and Jean Paul Gaultier.  We are never unimpressed by the diversity of styles he is able to come up with, producing more than 30 looks a season, each perfectly complimenting the total motif of the designs.

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