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Can Using a Thermal Cap Help Your Strands Grow Faster? We Ask an Expert

Thermal caps—we’re sure you’ve heard quite a bit about them. However, if you don’t know much and would like the inside scoop, you’ve come to the right place.

Heat caps are a great way to up-level your regular, weekly deep conditioning treatments, but there’s another major way it can potentially help you and your precious mane. If you want your strands to grow and just aren’t seeing the results, it might actually be just the thing your regular care routine is missing. To get the full story, we tapped mane expert, hairstylist, and founder of Hot Head Thermal Hair Care, Sandra Snell, to clue us in. Read on below for how using a thermal cap can be the ticket to sustainable hair growth.

Mane Addicts: In your expert opinion, do thermal caps help your hair grow faster than normal?

Sandra Snell: Thermal caps aid in hair growth for a couple of reasons. The heat they provide to the scalp stimulates an increase in blood flow to the area. This rush of oxygen-rich blood carries vital nutrients to the scalp, which can accelerate hair growth. Another reason your hair may grow faster than usual has to do with the benefits of deep conditioning with the heat provided by the thermal cap on the hair itself. This process allows the cuticles to open for an extended amount of time, which allows for better absorption of the deep conditioner, leading to more resilient hair. When our hair is healthy, it is less likely to split or break, allowing it to maintain its length as it grows.

MA: What do you think are the biggest benefits of using a thermal cap? 

SS: Not only can thermal caps lead to increased hair growth and improved scalp health, but they also allow for a more enjoyable deep conditioning experience. No cords mean that you are free to move about while deep conditioning your hair. The heat also allows for quicker and deeper absorption of the treatment than when not using heat, supporting healthier hair in less time.

MA: How often should you use one if you’re looking for a boost in hair growth? 

SS: Ideally, it would be best to deep condition with a thermal cap once a week. However, you might need to adjust the frequency up or down according to your own hair needs. Once you’ve discovered the sweet spot, you can create your thermal hair care routine to improve hair growth around that.

There you have it folks, your key to serious hair growth. Now HERE’s exactly what you need to remove from your routine to combat any dullness.

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