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These 7 Celebs Made a Big Color Change in Quarantine

Quarantine has us doing all kinds of things, from inventing sports, to getting pregnant, to making a major hair change.

A fun color makeover can make a big difference when it comes to lifting your spirits in quarantine, especially if it’s a rainbow-bright color.

If you’re starting to hate your regrowth or your blonde is looking brassy AF, this is the perfect time to say, why not, and finally take the plunge into pink or blue, or green…There’s no wrong color to quarantint — especially because this is the best time to experiment — even if your color goes wrong, you are literally in hiding. We rounded up all the inspo you need by way of the celebs who decided to go all-in on their new hair ‘do, just in time for spring.

HERE’s how some other celebs are responding to the pandemic.

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