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These 7 Bandanas Are Super in This Season

From fashion month runways to celebrity Instagrams, hair bandanas are making waves in the mane game. These easy-going patterned pieces serve the 2000s throwback energy we need right now. So naturally, we’re all in. No hair trend serves more versatility. Pair a silky square with a structured ensemble for an haute couture aesthetic, or go vacation-ready with a swimsuit and hair scarf combo. Whatever the occasion, a printed accessory scores serious style points. Start sporting the trend with these hair bandanas now!

1. Urban Outfitters Paisley Mashup Bandana: $14

The classic bandana in a mashup print. Pro tip: this cotton accessory doubles as an effortless way to hide your grown-out roots.

Urban Outfitters Paisley Mashup Bandana

(via Urban Outfitters)

2. Free People Hanks Kerchiefs Zodiac Bandana: $38

A lightweight, versatile bandana for any occasion. These zodiac sign scarves are an astrology dream.

Free People Hanks Kerchiefs Zodiac Bandana

(via Free People)

3. Dior D-Illusion Square Scarf: $435

Serve big runway vibes with this super luxe silk scarf from Dior. This accessory features a bright blue print for a unique aesthetic and perfect pop of color.

Dior D-Illusion Square Scarf

(via Dior)

4. Madewell Fringe Bandana: $7.99

Primary colors for the win. This dual-dyed hair bandana is the ultimate summer style. With a timeless floral print you’ll be rocking this fringed scarf for months to come.

Madewell Fringe Bandana

(via Madewell)

5. REI Co-Op Peace from the Sun Bandana: $6

Inspired by sunny desert days, this 100% cotton bandana is a necessary retro addition to your wardrobe.

REI Co-Op Peace from the Sun Bandana

(via REI)

6. Lucky Brand Printed Bandana: $29.50

When in doubt, opt for a classic. This blue printed bandana features a clean white print that goes with any outfit.

Lucky Brand Printed Bandana

(via Lucky Brand)

7. J.Crew Liberty Print Hair Scarf: $39.50

A paisley printed bandana with a twist. J.Crew delivers serious style with this silk number.

J.Crew Liberty Print Hair Scarf

(via J.Crew)

Now that you know which hair bandana to rock, HERE is how to style them!

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