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These 9 Photos Prove the Low Bun is the Chicest Style

Few styles have faded from view as quickly as the low bun. Typically reserved for the laziest of days, the low bun was once a low-maintenance go-to. In recent years, this classic style has been replaced by top knots and high ponies. But this season, the low bun is back and better than ever. From the messy staple we know and love to the accessory adorned, sleek, chic revamps, the low bun is this fall’s fave updo. Scroll through our favorite low bun hairstyles below for all the inspiration you need!

1. Messy

The low bun is best known for its messy-chic, one-and-done aesthetic. This look’s a bit more intricate, but its still got that classic laidback vibe we know and love.


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A post shared by Patrick Wilson (@patrickwilson)

2. Ballerina Bun

This take on the low bun is prim, proper, and absolutely perfect. The metallic scrunchie adds just the right amount of fun to this sleek style.


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A post shared by Mane Addicts (@maneaddicts)

3. Pretty Pins

That’s right, the low bun can be edgy. This tousled, textured look is expertly glammed up with a unique set of metallic pins.

4. Hair Scarf

A hair scarf is the easiest way to put a little pop in any ‘do. This patterned number is interesting and eye-catching, easily transforming a simple low bun hairstyle from “I’ll be indoors all day” to “catch me in Positano on a European vacay.”


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A post shared by M O L L I E K I N G (@mollieking)

5. Barrette Bun

Fact: barrettes make everything better. The undone-low bun is immediately more chic with a tortishell barrette keeping those tresses in place.


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A post shared by Brittany Sullivan (@brittsully)

6. Braided Bun

The low bun isn’t just for lazy days. This versatile updo can easily transition from bedroom to ballroom with the help of an intricate braid.


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A post shared by Виола ПЯК (@viola_pyak)

7. Bobby Pin Bun

This loose low bun hairstyle is giving us a retro ’90s feel with those face-framing flyaways and bobby-pinned pieces.


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A post shared by Kathleen (@kathleen_hair)

8. Headband Bun

Posh up that low bun with a thin headband. Add a touch of back-combing at the crown for a uniquely vintage feel.

9. Boho Bun

The boho bun is conclusive evidence that this staple style is truly adaptable. Incorporate a few thin braids into your loose low bun to achieve this flirty aesthetic.

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