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These Are The Networking Conventions for Creatives You Should Check Out

At Mane Addicts, we are big believers in the power of networking and connecting with other like minded professionals. After all, that’s why we put such a big emphasis on community and education through our own platform Mane University. Networking conventions are popping up all over the world now and whether you’re just starting your career in the beauty industry, looking to grow your business or just generally curious as to what it’s like–below are the networking conventions for creatives that you should check out. Get inspired, talk, ask questions, and connect with others that share the same ideas and passions as you. You never know what might happen!

Business Babes Collective

Founded by entrepreneur and Vancouver, BC native, Danielle created Business Babes Collective in 2015 to help women around the world build and grow their own business through networking, community and collaboration. With her background in marketing, events and social media, she provides workshops, events, and retreats to educate you on how to utilize tools for online and offline marketing to help build your own successful business.

Business Babes Collective logo
(via Pinterest)

Create Cultivate

Create & Cultivate is an online platform and offline conference for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. Create & Cultivate has grown into a major national movement, and the event travels from city to city with an array of different speakers and fireside chats that cater to almost every aspect of running your own business. Kim Kardashian was the keynote speaker last year in Los Angeles.

via Create & Cultivate

Style Collective

Style Collective is an online networking influencer group that brings together support for female bloggers and entrepreneurs. If you’ve ever been in a sorority, that is what this community is all about. A large group of women supporting each other in their goals and sharing and inspiring ideas. Style Collective provides online courses and guides to educate influencers on how to turn your blog into a business; they host events and meetups, and even provide opportunities to collaborate and work with brands!  

Style Collective logo
(via Stylecollective.us)


BeautyX is a summit that hosts three different networking conferences in different cities each year surrounding specific topics in the realm of beauty entrepreneurship. One conference which is held in Los Angeles, CA is specifically for educating people on the ever changing media landscape and how brands build value through digital influencers. The second conference which is held in Dallas, TX is focused on the retail aspect and brings in top executives and buyers to educate younger brands how to build a successful wholesale business. Lastly, the third conference held in New York, NY educates younger beauty entrepreneurs to understand the financing landscape and funding strategies to help get their business up and running. 

BeautyX logo


CosmoProf is an international convention that takes place globally in the US, Italy and Asia to name a few. This is a massive convention–but don’t discount it as a place to mingle and meet like minded creatives. This convention is especially great if you’re trying to launch your own brand, because vendors from across the world showcase here. You will be able to find everything from manufacturers and components suppliers to unit cartons and mailers.

via Cosmoprof

Networking is an amazing way to connect and learn new ideas you might not have thought were possible or even there! You’ll find a group of people that love what you love and want to support your goals just as much as you do. So get out there and start making things happen!

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