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Celeb Ponytail Secret : It’s An Extension!


Ever wonder how stars like Ariana Grande, Lauren Conrad, and Khloe Kardashian always seem to have the most swoon worthy ponytails?  It seems celebrities have hair that grows thick and full over night, but we’re are here to spill the beans on what it takes to make a long and full pony in just a few short steps.

Start by deciding where you would like to see your pony tail.  Depending on the occasion, you may opt for a different height and length.  High and fuller ponies are great for party looks. Pair with a short dress with an empire waist, and tease the pony underneath to make it fuller.  For a more sophisticated style, you may want a pony that falls down the nape of the neck, paired with a sleek side or middle part.  In this instance, we suggest using a smoothing serum and flat ironing the hair to keep it chic and shiny.


  1. Prep your hair by spraying a light mist of hair spray throughout for hold and memory.
  2. Use a fine tooth comb or Mason Pearson brush to gather your hair where you would like to see your pony fall, then use an elastic to secure.
  3. Use your pony extension piece to wrap around your natural pony, then secure with a bobby pin underneath (don’t forget the correct way to use a bobby!) to create a base.
  4. Use your bungee to wrap the pony piece around your natural hair then secure, perhaps with another bobby pin.
  5. Mist with more hairspray, and use the heat from the palm of your hands the gently smooth any fly aways or frizz.

Think you can brave wearing a ponytail extension?  We want to see your variations of the look!  Post your hair looks in the comments or post on Instagram with the hashtag #maneaddicts.


2 minutes

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