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The Sheila Stotts brush is a staple for girls with or without extensions.  By far one of the best detangling brushes on the market, this brush allows one to comb through even the most unruly hair seamlessly.

The small metal “bristles” have rounded edges that are soft on the hair.  These prongs are spread apart far enough that they do not catch or snag, which is why this brush is wonderful for girls who wear extensions of any kind.

Our favorite ways to use this brush:

  • Detangling. Use in the shower while conditioner is in the hair, or use after to brush out before styling.
  • Extensions. Use on hair that has temporary or permanent extensions to easily smooth without pulling or snagging on the clips or bonds.
  • Backbrushing. An amazing trick that few of us do.  After hair has been curled or set, gently soften the curls by running the Sheila Stotts through the ends. After, hold onto the ends of the hair as you press the brush on top of the mid lengths and gently push up. This creates wonderful hold and body through the hair.
  • Massage. Brush on your roots to massage the scalp and increase circulation. This simple act can help stimulate hair growth, healthy scalp, and prevent thinning hair.



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