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Big Hair, Don’t Care—6 Hacks to Help You Embrace Your Naturally Thick Locks

Although thick hair may sometimes feel like a major punishment, the time has come to truly embrace that lion’s mane in all its glory. And we’ll tell you exactly how to manage your thick hair. Gone are the days of feeling like your locks are wearing you. There are so many simple, yet genius ways to create epic, voluminous looks that still tame frizz and smooth your roots. Step into your full “big hair, don’t care” power by utilizing the amazing thick hair hacks below.

How to Manage Thick Hair

1. Use a microfiber towel.

We all know thick hair can take days to dry. Microfiber towels are the perfect way to speed up this process. They absorb more moisture than a regular towel, making them a true gift from above for quick styling. Snag one of your own from Ulta for $8.22.

2. Detangle with a wet brush.

If you have crazy big hair and haven’t invested in a Wet Brush yet, hop on that train ASAP. Avoid the matted, mop-top look once your locks dry by detangling them straight out of the shower. This is also a major key if you have curls because it usually takes next to nothing to knot those puppies up.

3. Leave-in conditioner is your new BFF.

Never underestimate the power of a good leave-in conditioner. This is especially important if your strands are on the dry side and tend to puff out. There is an array on the market that hone in on all issues from overall dullness to UV protection so you’ll want to do a little research on the best one for your hair type. But the ultimate upside of any leave-in is that it locks in moisture without adding extra weight as a normal conditioner would.

4. Try the frizzy hair collection from Ouai.

Static always getting the best of you? Ouai’s anti-frizz products are calling your name. Smooth your scalp and eliminate aggravating flyaways with these leave-ins, creams, and more. They contain a non-greasy blend of coconut oil and shea butter to give you shiny, frizz-free locks that are just the right amount of large and in charge.

5. Make your own Epsom salt spray.

Some with a thicker mane might consider beach waves a pipe dream but think again. Epsom salt is less harsh than sea salt so it’s great to use for adding texture to a wavy style without causing major dehydration. DIY your own spray at home using just a few drops of coconut oil, Epsom salt, and warm water. This is crucial for those dying to get that pumped-up look without going full Frankenstein head.

6. Add hairspray to your brush.

If your brush tends to make your huge hair even huger on its own, add a little hairspray. This will help seal everything together without allowing humidity to get the best of your look. It’s best to start brushing underneath your hair first and with a small amount to avoid an overly-crunchy looking scalp.

Need even more genius hair hacks? HERE’s what we learned from TikTok.

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