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4 Major Things to Keep in Mind Before Officially Praising a New Shampoo

When it comes to our hair, there’s no greater feeling than stepping out of the shower, just knowing we had a good rinse. Sometimes we’re left being able to tell our hair will feel greasy or parched when dried—and other times we feel a squeaky-clean sensation right off the bat. When we encounter these magical moments with a new shampoo, it’s easy to shout its praise to anyone who will listen. We’re totally guilty of raving on IG and dashing to our colleagues at the office first thing in the morning. All this, only to find that in the majority of cases, the shampoo really isn’t everything we made it out to be. Sigh. Keep reading for four major things to keep in mind before praising a new shampoo.

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1. How many consecutive uses give you the same result.

We’re the first to admit that approximately seven times out of 10, we race to tell our friends about some amazing new shampoo we tried for the first time, only to find that the next time we use it, our hair is an unmanageable greaseball. We tend to do pretty well with products that we haven’t yet tried, but it’s the few times after that really require our attention. If you still get the same luscious locks by, say, wash No. 3 or 4, it’s fair to announce the win on IG.

2. How many days you go without washing your hair again.

Obviously, this one depends on your hair type, but for the most part, if a certain shampoo gives you fresh-from-salon locks on Day 1, but totally weighs down your mane by Day 2, it’s probably not that great. Especially if you have thick hair, a solid shampoo and style should remain in good condition for at least four days.

3. How much color is stripped from your hair post-wash.

There’s no question that over time, no matter what you use, your colored hair is sure to fade. Especially depending on the shade (here’s lookin’ at you, red), some hues are quicker to rinse out than others. But if you find that your hair is remarkably stripped after two to three washes using the new shampoo, that’s a sign that even though your locks may look shiny and new, it’s still not the best shampoo for your hair overall.

4. Ingredients.

Quite possibly the most important thing to note is the ingredients. Many harmful ingredients in shampoos have useful properties that make you think are beneficial to your hair, but in return for their uses, you’re applying chemicals or other damaging additives to your hair. Here is a refresher on harmful hair ingredients. If you accidentally use a harmful product that happens to do wonders for your hair, take the bottle to your hairdresser and have them suggest something similar with clean ingredients. There’s always a swap to be made, so don’t get stuck using a toxic shampoo.

If you want a new shampoo you can trust, HERE are some hairdresser-recommended drugstore shampoos!

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