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What You Should Know BEFORE Creating Your Own Hair Care Line, According to a Woman Who Has Done It

Has being cooped up in quarantine got you thinking about creating your own hair care line? You’re in luck, because we wanted to help you out before you set sail on this journey.

Starting a line is a huge undertaking that requires a ton of hard work and dedication, among other resources. No one understands that better than Mindy McKnight, celebrity YouTuber and hair expert.

After accumulating more than five million followers on her YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles, Mindy set out to create an inclusive and affordable hair care line for her followers.

Launched through Walmart, Hairitage offers products with clean formulas for all textures and types of hair at less than $8 per item.

We reached out to Mindy to discover things you need to know before creating a hair care line. Discover what she had to say below!

Celebrity YouTuber and hair expert Mindy McKnight working on her hair care line Hairitage
(Photo credit: Isabella Bejarano)

Make Sure You’re Passionate

First and foremost, it’s important that this is something you’re deeply passionate about. Creating a hair care line isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, so if you’re not entirely passionate about it all, things could end up going sideways real fast.

“Before you start your own line, make sure it’s something you’re truly passionate about,” Mindy says. “If it’s not, it’ll show in product development, marketing, customer service, and beyond. Starting your own line is a difficult journey. If you’re not passionate, it’ll be a tough road.”

Understand It Will Take Time

As with all good things, a hair care line takes a lot of time and dedication. There is a ton of work that you’ll need to do, so time is of the essence.

Between coming up with the products to understanding your audience, there are multiple aspects to account for during this process. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was a hair care line.

“It isn’t an easy project,” Mindy notes. “It will take plenty of time and resources to bring to market.”

Time Is Your Most Scarce Resource

Though it will take plenty of time to get your hair care line off the ground, it is also your most scarce resource. This is often due to the roadblocks you’ll encounter along your journey.

“Projects of this scale will meet roadblocks,” Mindy shares. “Most of the slack you built into the launch timeline will evaporate into thin air. Time is almost always your most scarce resource, even over finances, so be as efficient as you can.”

Hairitage line of products for things you need to know before creating own hair care line
(Photo credit: Isabella Bejarano)

Do Your Market Research

We cannot stress this enough: Do. Your. Market. Research. This can be a tedious task, but understanding the market will help you create the best product for your consumers.

“Make sure you do your market research,” Mindy says. “Truly dig in and understand the data to identify any potential white space in the industry.”

Doing so will help you discover what products you need to make and why.

Get to Know Your Consumer

Once you’ve done your market research, it’s time to get to know your consumer a bit better. Understand their shopping habits and what their needs are to create the best possible product.

“I would then spend a great deal of time understanding the top needs of the consumer,” Mindy mentions. “This will allow you to formulate products that specifically deliver upon those needs, better than anyone else, and in the most cost-effective way.”

Ask for Help

This is not something you’ll have to do all by yourself, nor should it be. It can be scary and intimidating to reach out for help, but it should be done.

“Be prepared to ask for help, join with partners, and when time, hire people to help you do the things that take the most time so you can keep creating new products and ideas,” Mindy shares.

Reaching out to potential partners or those with expertise in the field will only aid you on your journey to success.

“Finding a partner or employee with industry experience is a huge plus, and we were eventually fortunate to have found both,” Mindy states. “Stick to your core competencies and find additional stakeholders who can complement you in product development/project management areas where you may not be as strong.”

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