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This Bleach Shirt Is the Perfect Tee to Wear While Bleaching or Getting Bleached

The shirt you always wanted but never knew you needed, at least that was the mantra in mind when I was creating my brand new That Girl That Did Your Hair bleach shirts made to be used while dying people’s hair or getting your hair dyed.

When you get your hair dyed or you’re dying your hair how many shirts have you ruined? Have you filled your bleach spots in with a sharpie? I know I’ve done that. This was the inspiration behind the creation of these shirts. The Bleach shirts were handmade by me, That Girl That Did Your Hair. I tried to make the shirts consistent as possible but also custom to you. I sold out but back in stock with more sizes OVERSIZED, X OVERSIZED, and XX OVERSIZED ($58, shop HERE.) All shirts are limited edition.

That Girl That Did Your Hair Bleach Shirt

(via That Girl That Did Your Hair)

When I used to color hair at my parents house I always used my Dad’s old oversized shirts to bleach or dye knowing I would always ruin my clothes. I’m very messy when it comes to my art … so that shirt was known as the ‘’ bleach shirt ‘’ and honestly after time it just looked cool. I thought everyone needs a ‘’ bleach shirt ‘’, so it was only right I made my shirts in my parents backyard.


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I literally DYED making these shirts..

Well, my brand is very personal to me and I say that all the time “I literally dyed” who doesn’t when telling a story? When I first was making these shirts I didn’t know how intense the process would be, I was just like I’ll wear a medical mask I’ll be fine and I definitely wasn’t. So for my next product I made a reusable medical mask ‘  LITERALLY DYED.



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The humor is the dyed in the form of coloring, but I literally dyed each shirt (also inhaled way too much bleach). Perfect for colorists to use during keratin treatments, health, airplanes, non communication. Along with that my next product is white sticker “I LITERALLY DYED” for colorist, hair kits, laptops, or personal use. 

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