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This Crystal Comb Is The Haircare Equivalent Of a Jade Roller

If you’ve ever felt the smooth, cool touch of a jade roller against your skin and been tempted to extend that rolling ritual just a touch further, allow me to introduce you to your new (ancient) obsession: the crystal comb. Crystal combs, which stem from Traditional Chinese Medicine, are essentially the hair care equivalent of jade rollers and gua sha tools; and just like their facial massaging counterparts, they’re experiencing something of a modern renaissance.

Crystal comb

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“Combing the hair with precious gems such as jade goes back thousands of years,” Katie Brindle, the founder of Hayo’u, tells Mane Addicts. “There’s a jade comb on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from the Shang Dynasty, which dates back to the 13th century B.C.” Brindle explains that crystal combing is pretty similar to gua sha massage, but the application technique is tailored to suit the scalp — and the energy centers that sit beneath the scalp, naturally. 

“It works a bit more deeply, press-stroking to specifically engage the meridians,” she says. (In TCM, meridians are described as energy channels that flow through the body.) According to the founder, “all of these meridians have either direct or indirect connections with the head and scalp.” The benefits of stimulating these meridians with a crystal comb fall into two categories: the material (better hair) and the mystical (better vibes). 

“There are both physical and metaphysical benefits to crystal combing,” Andi Scarbrough, a stylist and the founder of CrownWorks, agrees. “Physically, the act of combing activates blood flow and stimulates the scalp.” This triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which is basically the body’s built-in destressing switch. (I mean, think about it: How good does it feel when someone gently runs their fingers through your roots?) “It reduces stress hormones known to cause hair loss, down regulates our heart rate, and makes us feel physically more relaxed,” adds Scarbrough.


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Crystal combing boosts the health of your hair and scalp, too. Brindle notes that increased blood flow equals “increased nutrients to your hair follicle,” which is great for growth. “Combing deeply also helps clean the surface of dirt, dead skin, and dandruff,” the founder says — meaning, your follicles will be able to better absorb products post-combing sesh. If you’re wondering how, exactly, this is different from garden-variety combing, the answer lies in the material: “Jade won’t leave your hair static-y, unlike plastic,” says Brindle.

While that’s all well and good — who doesn’t want deep relaxation and healthy follicles? — let’s be honest: The real draw of crystal combing is the crystal part. 

“Energetically, each stone has its own ‘medicine’ it offers, holding the ‘resonance’ of an intention,” Scarbrough explains. “Working with a particular crystal is akin to tuning in your radio dial to listen to a certain station or ‘frequency.’” Jade, the traditional stone of crystal combing, is considered a symbol of purity and health — which, arguably, are two very good vibes to send to your hair. Rose quartz, offered by CrownWorks, is another popular option. Known as the “stone of love,” the gem is said to “instill feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, and inner calm,” says Scarbrough. 

There’s also amethyst (“it can heighten intuition and clear the ‘fog’ created by too many thoughts, feelings and images”), clear quartz (“to dissipate and transform negative energies”), and larkvakite (“it calms the mind and clears negativity, strengthening the connection with body and earth”) to consider. Their purported powers extend beyond energy, though: According to Scarbrough, “There are stones that produce negative ions known to calm frizz, stones that reduce static and EMF pollution, and stones that support sleep.”


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As for which one is right for you? Whichever one feels right. “There is no wrong way to choose a crystal — and no wrong way to choose or use a CrystalComb,” Scarbrough says. In other words: The crystal chooses you. 

Obviously, vibes this high aren’t meant to be haphazardly raked through wet strands while you rush to get ready for work. The slow, mindful ritual of combing is just as important as the crystal. Scarbrough likens the process to an “active meditation,” which can be amplified through the use of essential oils, deep breathing, positive affirmations, or journaling. “In this way, we shift this precious time from fussing over potions to cover or ‘fix’, to celebrating our own unique expression of beauty,” she says.

To use, you can just go with the flow and comb however feels right for you, or you can follow the classic Traditional Chinese Medicine method. Here’s the proper technique, as told by Brindle:

  • Start slowly and gently and build the right pressure for you. You don’t need to wet your hair or apply product to do this ritual. 
  • Massage your scalp using short strokes. Start at the top of your forehead, from the hairline, and inch your way backwards, al the way down the energetic channel until you get right down to the nape of your neck. 
  • Now, begin combing from your temple in the same short bursts backwards. You’ll find you’ll hit little spots of tension that feel great. So when you find one, linger. (These will be the acupoints.)
  • Go to just above your ear and repeat. 
  • Repeat the process across the other side of your scalp. 
  • Finish by pressing and wriggling the comb a little at the nape of the neck.

Sure, crystal combing might seem a little ridiculous — unnecessary, even. But hear me out: Isn’t that how you first felt about your now-beloved jade roller? Ahead, discover five crystal combs to help you re-ritualize your beauty routine.

Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Comb: $57

Crystal comb

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CrownWorks Rose Quartz CrystalComb: $222

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CrownWorks Clear Quartz CrystalComb: $222

Clear Crystal Comb

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CrownWorks Amethyst CrystalComb: $222

Crystal Comb Amethyst

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CrownWorks Larvikite CrystalComb: $222

Crystal Comb

(via Crown Works)

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