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This Drugstore Hairspray Literally Freezes Your Style in Place

As part of our series, Hair-apy Sesh, we’re asking the hair industry’s most-trusted mavens to divulge their secrets about what products get lifted from their kit, their idea of the most overrated and underrated hair tricks, plus their favorite high-price-tag and drugstore buys that confidently carry them through their bustling careers.

Below: LA-based hairstylist Rikke Gajda @rikkigash


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What are 3 brushes we’ll always find in your kit?

Ibiza Metal Bristle Brush for wigs and extensions, a Mason Pearson Brush and YS Park round brushes 

What’s the most underrated hair hack or trick? 

Sleeping with braids to create waves! This is such an easy way to create an already styled look for the next day. Play around with the sizes of your braids and how tight you braid them; looser braid = looser wave. Create four instead of two for a more even look. If your hair doesn’t hold, curl it very well then take a straightening iron and go over the braids before going to bed.

What’s the most overrated hair hack or trick? 

Pulling your hair into one pony in the front for a DIY haircut. Just don’t do it. So much more goes into a good hair cut, even on long hair.


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What’s one expensive product that’s worth every penny? 

Oribe Gel Sérum. I love this product so much, it’s not as sticky and hard as a regular gel because it’s a mix of gel and serum. It has tiny little sparkles in it so it’s perfect for a sleek and shiny look, like a snatched pony, half up/half down and for baby hairs on straight to lightly wavy hair. It’s more comfortable for the client also because it doesn’t dry completely out like a regular hard gel.

What’s the most underrated drugstore product? 

I have to say the Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray. A lot of hairstylist are embarrassed  to say that they have this in their kit. If you need super strong hold and literally need to freeze a style in place, you can count on this product. 

If you only had time to use one product on a client, what would it be?

Color Wow Dream Coat. It’s one of the best products I’ve ever used. It’s great in so many ways and I recommend everyone to try it! You just have to use a lot of it and that’s the secret with this one. Is seals the hair without weighing it down and makes it so shiny and healthy looking. Plus it locks the style in for longer and protects it from humidity and heat. It’s a good base for every blowout. On curly hair, it’s absolutely amazing to just spray and let air dry. It makes the hair so shiny and healthy looking without making it crunchy and without it frizzing up. 

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