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This Hair Extensions Disc Will Save You So Much Time

You know the feeling of hair extensions slipping through your fingers mid-wash or style, and the frustration of waiting for them to dry before applying heat. Attempt to detangle them—extensions in one hand, brush in the other? Mission impossible.

Enter: the ProDry Disc, a compact disc that hair extensions attach to for hands-free styling, washing, detangling, and basically anything you do to your extensions and hair pieces.

Hair extensions are among a stylist’s most important kit investments and in a lot of cases, the most expensive hair accessory a client will ever purchase. Maintaining the integrity of high-quality hair extensions, then, is of utmost important for stylists and clients alike. That’s where the ProDry Disc saves time for stylists who work with hair extensions, wigs, and weaves. The gadget features its own legs so it can sit upright on set and at your station, or flat at the shampoo bowl and under the hair dryer. For overnight air drying, hang it onto any hook in the salon or at home.

The hair extensions disc, at just $35, comes with clips to keep the extensions securely in place while working on them, as well as a styling accessory gentle enough to hold them upright.

Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below!

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