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This Haircut Instantly Makes Thin Hair Look Fuller

Short haircuts are all the rage right now but no, we’re not here to tell you to get a bob and follow the herd. You can keep your length, but you might be due for a trim if fuller looking hair is your goal. The key? A one length haircut. Not necessarily blunt, a one-length haircut creates the illusion of thicker hair and is the fastest route to faking fuller hair after using a root concealer. Here to explain why a one length haircut has your best interest is Liz Sustaita, stylist at 454 North Salon in West Hollywood. Keep reading for Liz’s tips on getting a precise one length haircut, styling hacks, and more for clients and stylists alike.


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Why One-Length Haircuts Make Hair Look Thicker

A one length haircut on thin hair is particularly best because it creates a dense weight line and really helps to make one’s hair fuller in appearance. All the hair is cut straight along the bottom creating a shelflike line. On thick/wavy textured hair, one length haircut can at times create too much fullness and a pyramid-like silhouette. This isn’t exactly a bad silhouette but should be consulted with the client/hairstylist prior to the haircut.

One-Length Technique

I like to point cut the whole perimeter. It looks blunt but with a soft line. I prefer to cut on straight, blown out hair. You can really see every hair while cutting. Scissors or clippers will both give you a straight line. Clippers create a hard line and scissors as well if cut blunt. And if you decide to point cut the line, it’s a much softer line.

Client’s Form is Key

When cutting the perimeter, a client should ALWAYS have legs uncrossed. When crossed any which way, you run the chance of a slightly lopsided shape especially when creating a one length haircut.


Styling one length hair that has no layers isn’t any harder than styling hair that has layers except when creating fullness. When waving with an iron, it might fall a little flat being that the weight is all at the bottom. Straightening should be no problem as the weight will keep it down.

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