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This Incredible Plant Ingredient Will Bring Your Hair Back to Life

Plants are cool AF. Not to get too 3rd-grade science fair, but wow, they literally make food out of the sun. We know that eating a plant-based diet is super healthy and that plant-based medicine can literally be life-changing, so, when we attended the launch event for ECRU’s new Rejuvenating Shampoo: $27 and Restorative Conditioner: $27, which rely on resurrection sap to bring hair back to life, we had to find out more. Luckily, ECRU New York’s Founder and CEO, Carmen DePasquale had answers.

How the resurrection plant works

The resurrection plant is all around remarkable. It can survive in extremely arid conditions (we’re talking desert status) and does so by curling into a tight ball, only unfurling when exposed to moisture. “As part of an ongoing research and development program, the ECRU New York team learned about the remarkable benefits of resurrection sap and immediately began working on formulas that could harness the power. We quickly learned that in combination with other incredible technology, like plant stem cells, some pretty amazing products could be made,” says Carmen.

Sustainably sourced

“The plant is sustainably derived and part of an ongoing cultivation program, which allows them to be harvested and dried out at the optimal stage of growth,” Carmen continues of the plant’s sourcing. The sap is harnessed from the plant, which she reiterates can live dormant for extended periods of time, or until it is exposed to moisture. “It has the incredible ability to regenerate and resurrect itself back to life,” she emphasizes. “When applied to haircare, this ingredient lends its incredible properties to the rejuvenation of dry, damaged hair restoring it back to a healthy state.”

Image via ECRU New York

Sap life

Reaping the benefits of this miraculous ingredient are easier than you might imagine – you don’t need to wait a month or more to see results, just one wash is all it takes though for sustained results, it’s best to keep at it. “After just one use of the Rejuvenating Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner, hair feels immediately moisturized and reflects visible results. The ongoing use of the products will continue to present cumulative benefits improving the overall health of the hair,” adds Carmen. “Utilizing the benefits of high-quality ingredients most often found in fine skincare and coupling them with the performance of professional haircare is our mission,” she continues.

Image via ECRU New York

Not only is the resurrection plant a good option for all you bad plant parents, but it’s also a promising way to keep hair moisturized and healthier than ever.

Find out if your favorite brands source sustainably, HERE.

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