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MANESPIRATION: This Month’s Celebrity Hair Makeovers

Is it something about inching towards spring that has us ready for change? Perhaps as the weather warms we get ready to shed a layer and debut a new look. This past week, there was something in the air that had several celebrities wearing fresh new hair looks, and we’ve rounded up our favorites.



Sarah Hyland Lob Ryan Richman

Sarah’s hairstylist, Ryan Richman revealed her new lob on his Instagram this morning.



Vanessa Hudgens Blunt Bob

Vanessa took to Instagram to debut her new short ‘do with the caption “Who needs a lob when you can have a bb (blunt bob)!!” Shouting out her stylist Kristina Barricelli at Gemini 14 Salon.



January Jones Pink Hair

January isn’t a stranger to the pastel hues, as she debuted a pale pink in 2012, but Jennifer J took her hair to a whole new level of cotton candy perfection with her baby pink dip.



Chrissy Teigen Brunette to Blonde

Chrissy magically went from bombshell blonde, to dark brunette, and back in less than a week! She thanks celebrity extensions master Priscilla Valles for her expertise and celebrity color experts Tracey Cunningham and George Papanikolas.



Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair PFW

Kim’s hair has been one of the biggest shocks of PFW, with the color evolving as the week progressed. She thanks colorist Lorri Goddard of Goddard + Bragg Salon and Frederic Mennetrier of Atelier Blanc for her evolving hue.



Jessica Alba Short Hair

Always one to have fun with her hair, Jessica took to Instagram to show off her new blunt bob courtesy of Giannandrea Marongiu.



Lea Michele Finge Bangs

Lea showed off french fringe to compliment her lob at the Family Equity Gala earlier this month by hairstylist Davy Newkirk.

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