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This Product Uses Garlic and Horseradish to Straighten Hair – Here’s How

A horseradish and garlic combination sounds more like the base for one of your grandma’s age-old recipes than a hair product, but it turns out this fragrant duo does more than add flavor (and clear the sinuses). Garlic and horseradish also help straighten unruly locks. Here’s what you need to know about Philip B.’s Straightening Baume: $30 which is made with these unexpected (and a few more) ingredients.

Why Horseradish and Garlic?

The brand infused the product with the aromatic garlic bulb because it is rich in vitamin C, B6, selenium and manganese, all of which promote health in general – and, of course, hair health. Horseradish, which is a potent and pungent root vegetable, is not only great in sauce – it keeps hair vibrant and strong.

Philip B Straightening Baume: $30

How it Works

“My Straightening Baume contains extracts Matricaria Recutita, which is chamomile extract, as well as horseradish extracts,” explains Philip B. “These extracts are incredible at relaxing the bonds of the hair, making it easy to blow it straight,” he continues. Philip B notes that the product is also oil free and water-based, which also help contribute to its efficacy. “When you blow dry the water evaporates, leaving the solids – and that’s what’s going to keep your hair silky, soft, touchable.”

Achieving straight hair sans chemicals is an ongoing struggle, but the heat-activated baume does just that. It’s suitable for all hair types and textures, and is happily paraben-free, color & keratin-treatment safe as well as vegan and cruelty-free. It’s also silicone-free and won’t leave a sticky residue on hands.

A Dollop Will Do

You don’t need a ton of product to get this potent solution to do its thang. “All you want to do is take a dollop, apply it to towel-dried hair, work it in, squeeze it through and blow it dry – results are incredible!” he adds. For best blow out results, enlist the help of a round styling brush to encourage shine.

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