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This Purple Conditioner For Brown Hair Has a 12,000+ Waitlist

overtone purple conditioner

(via Overtone)

When it comes to vivid hair colors, brunettes are pretty limited in the bright colors they can play with without undergoing a serious bleach job. But now brunettes can condition their way to colorful hair thanks to this new oVertone product with a 12,000+ person waitlist Purple for Brown, ($47 for full kit) which launches today

What is Purple for Brown? It’s a semi-permanent dye alternative in two formats, a Deep Treatment and a Daily Conditioner, both which deposit semi-permanent color onto your strands. Think of it as damage free color that doesn’t involve any harsh lightening chemicals that allows you to hydrate and repair your hair as you dye it. And while the color will start to fade once you stop using the product, the lilac hue won’t come out 100% with just shampoo.

“We created Purple for Brown hair after discovering a lot of our brown-haired consumers wanted a vivid color but didn’t necessarily want to pre-bleach their strands to get there. Bleaching is relatively high-maintenance, and not everyone has time for the upkeep. Purple for Brown Hair erases that obstacle.” said Maegan Scarlett, Co-founder of oVertone Haircare. “Looking ahead, our goal is to continue launching easy-to-use, hair-healthy products that appeal to a variety of aesthetics and lifestyles.”

Purple for Brown can be used as often as needed, but Maegan suggests starting out with the Deep Treatment for initial coloring and then once a week for maintenance. The Daily Conditioner can then be used whenever you wash your hair for a little extra color, shine and moisture.

We all know that not all brunettes are created equal and that shades can range from light golden brown to dark chocolate brown. Right now, the Purple for Brown works best on light to medium brown locks to a deep ultraviolet and will impart a subtle, high-shine tint to dark brown strands.

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