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22 Thoughts We All Have During Every Hair Appointment

Though no two salon appointments are ever the same, these are some thoughts we all have during every hair appointment.

From wondering if we should change up our look to freaking out about our stylist potentially trimming off a little too much, chances are these thoughts have all run through your mind at some point.

Which one do you relate to the most?

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When you're seriously missing your clients 💇🏻

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1. What excuse should I use for being late this time? It doesn’t matter, they’ll know it was to stop for coffee.

2. Wait, did I get the appointment time wrong? Oh, they’re running behind schedule? How nicely that worked out.

3. Is now the right time for me to get bangs? No, definitely not. What am I thinking?

4. Should I stick with the same style or switch stuff up? Switch it up. No, stay the same.

5. Maybe my hairstylist will have an idea? Yeah, I can totally see their vision.

6. What if it’s too short? And can I really pull off that color?

7. You know what, I’m going to do it. I should totally do it. Should I do it? I shouldn’t do it.

8. Why are salon chairs always so comfortable? It’s like sitting on a cloud.

9. Why do I always sweat profusely under the salon cape? It’s not even that hot.

10. Here we go, time to spruce up my hair color!

11. These tin foil things are really annoying, aren’t they? And the dye smells absolutely awful.

12. Was it right to stick to the same color? Well, now’s not the time to second-guess my choice.

13. Time to get my hair washed. This is the best part.

14. This shampoo and rinse is something I need regularly. Could I come in once a week just for that?

15. Is this the same color my hair always is? Why does it look so different?

16. Trim time! I can’t wait to get rid of those dead ends.

17. Why does it feel like my stylist is cutting off more than just a few inches? Oh god, am I going to end up with a bob?

18. It definitely is shorter, but I needed that. I really do need to switch things up though with my color.

19. How come I can never style my hair as well as my stylist? That answer is obvious, but still.

20. Did I really just spend all day in the salon? Totally worth it.

21. Should I hit the town and show off my new ‘do? Why am I even wondering that? The answer is obviously yes.

22. I feel alive again! I hope my hair stays this way for the rest of time.

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Seeing as we can’t visit salons right now, you might want to invest in THIS color conditioner.

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