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3 Reasons Why Your Client Selfies Don’t Get a Repost

Doing hair is your art. You’re the artist and you have full control over the canvas, brush, and style of strokes. Yet loosen your grip on the vision you have for your client selfies, and all the hard work you did could be for nothing. If taking the perfect after picture of your client’s fresh look is a struggle or you find yourself not getting reposted by your favorite haircare brands, consider the three reasons below. As Mane Addicts’ social media manager, I see every photo we’re tagged in, and I’ve taken note of why certain photos don’t get reposted—here’s how to make sure your client selfies always do.

1. Your lighting sucks.

A selfie ring light works wonders, but good ol’ Mother Nature will never let you down. After you’re through with your client, take her outside and find an Instagram-worthy background (brick wall, greenery, etc). Snap a few test shots to assess the natural lighting in that area then repeat until you find a spot where the natural lighting best enhances your client’s new ‘do.

2. You forgot to clean your lens.

Whether you’re directing and snapping the photo of your client’s after hair or she’s taking a selfie with your iPhone, never ever forget to wipe off the front and back lens on your phone. Our phones go a lot of places and get cozy with dirt, dust, you name it. When the lens is dirty, it diminishes the resolution of your photos. Try it next time and see how your photos transform. But wait—don’t use your finger to clean the lens. Use the edge of your shirt or a soft napkin, just no rough-textured surfaces.

3. The final look isn’t styled right.

Remember that how you style the final look will make or break the way in which it appears in photos, whether you’ve cut your client’s mane into a chin-grazing lob or taken her from brunette to blonde. Because you can’t always be in charge of styling your client’s hair after she leaves your chair, it’s important that while she’s still at the salon you primp and adjust the style to your liking then take a photo. It’s your vision, so you should execute and implement it through and through.

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