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Is TikTok’s DIY Shag Ponytail Cut Really a Good Idea? We Investigate

If you’ve seen a few folks getting scissor happy on TikTok lately, you’re not alone. The platform’s latest trend revolves around a DIY shag ponytail cut that seems to be an amazing look for some and one big yikes for others. As with anything TikTok-related, we suggest slowing your rolls before impulsively trying this out. Quick home cuts can lead to split ends, breakage, and all kinds of other damage. With that being said, is the cut really a good idea? We investigate below.

First, let’s break it down. Users on the platform casually threw their hair into a ponytail, flipped it upside down, and went to town with a pair of scissors. The results some received had us absolutely shook while others weren’t so impressive. So many questions came to mind, “have they cut their own hair before?” “Did they even use the right scissors?”

We needed answers, so we took to the internet to find them, of course. What we found is that stylists are, naturally, not impressed. New York stylist Erickson Arrunategui told Allure, “This method may work for someone with wavy or curly fine hair where the mistakes won’t show as much, but a lot can go wrong with this ‘technique’ and it’s not so forgiving on all hair types.” This isn’t to say that a home cut is completely impossible, but it’s best to listen to the pros. Swerve when it comes to this particular method.

If you absolutely must cut your hair at home, there’s a similar technique that can be utilized called “the unicorn ponytail method.” It isn’t quite as drastic and it can be helpful in a bind. All you need is a wide tooth comb, wet brush, and a pair of styling shears (not just any old scissors). If you decide to try it out, we’d recommend doing only a light trim. Check out the technique below and see how it works!

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