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10 TikTok Hair Hacks Worth Trying on Your Strands

Everyone’s favorite social media app isn’t just good for humor and dance moves—oh, no. TikTok hair hacks are the reason we’ve been obsessed with the app since day one. We have learned so many new hair tricks from the app, that we didn’t feel right keeping them to ourselves. Today’s the day we share them all with you. Keep on scrolling for some seriously life-changing TikTok hair hacks worth trying on your own strands!

TikTok Hair Hacks to Try

1. How to curl hair with socks.

This was the first hair hack that caught our attention, seeing as it was literally everywhere. We even tried it for ourselves and can confirm it works. All you’ll need are a pair of tube socks and some hair ties, then you’ll be good to go.


How to curl your hair with socks 🤩 Actually works ! I use this method for most of my hairstyles ! #foryoupage #foryoupage #hairtutorial #hair #pelo

♬ nicki x AC by bananabutt on soundcloud – riley

2. How to calm static hair.

This hack requires some unconventional tools, such as a balloon and aluminum foil, but it can help you get rid of flyaways once and for all.


Did u think it would work? Try it and let me know your results! #hacks #diy #rebeccazamolo #homeproject #hairhacks

♬ original sound – rebecca zamolo

3. How to easily get elastic hair ties out of hair.

Of the TikTok hair hacks we’ve seen, this one definitely left us dumbfounded. It’s such a simple and easy way to get those small elastic hair ties out of our hair without tearing up our tresses in the process.

4. How to curl baby hairs.

Who would’ve thought that a q-tip was the tool to use when it comes to curling baby hairs? Not us, so we’re happy this TikTok user pointed it out for us.


if you’ve ever had trouble curling your baby hairs try this hack & thank my later 🥰 #tiktokforyou #foryoupage #fyp #viral #hairhacks

♬ Ride It – Regard

5. How to correctly part your hair.

Some of you may already have a tried and true way to part your hair, but for us, we notice it changes every day. Watching this hair hack made it easier to figure out the right way to part it.

6. How to make dry shampoo work better.

We’ve always applied dry shampoo in the morning because we thought that was the way to do it. Turns out, applying it at night before going to bed is actually how it should be done.

7. How to achieve heatless waves.

As efficient as it is to use styling tools on our hair, too much heat can definitely be a bad thing. That’s why we love this hack, which will help you achieve waves without the heat.

8. How to fight flyaways.

Grab a blush brush, some hairspray, and get ready to tame those flyaways with this simple trick.

9. How to make dry shampoo.

If we ever run out of our go-to dry shampoo, we’re happy to know we can combine cocoa powder and baby powder for a makeshift dry shampoo mix that’ll sop up the oil.


no dry shampoo? here you go 🤙🏻 #fyp #hairhack

♬ Lottery – K CAMP

10. How to make curly hair look longer in a ponytail.

Straight hair is pretty easy to make look longer, but it can be a hassle for those with curly strands. This hack only requires a hair slinky and about 10 seconds to complete. Go ahead and try it for yourself!


My secret trick is revealed. A long high pony in curly hair, we call it the #ManeTaill . #curlyhairstyles #hairhacks

♬ original sound – Manes by Mell

These aren’t the only TikTok hair hacks worth trying. Check out THESE tutorials that’ll help you achieve the hair of your dreams!

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