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TikTok’s “That Girl” Blowout: How to Get Bouncy ’90s Bombshell Hair at Home

Maybe it’s her… or maybe it’s her blowout. The “fluffy hair” ’90s blowout trend has been all over the internet. TikTok users have been busting out tips, tricks, and tutorials for achieving bombshell hair at home. Read on and learn how to be “that girl!”

Gather Your Tools

There is a general consensus that for the best blowout you will need a few things. The most important tool in your bombshell toolkit is the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush. Realistically, any hair dryer brush will work, but the Revlon brush has earned the title of “most loved” due to its price point and accessibility. You will also need a can of your favorite flexible hold hairspray and a set of velcro rollers.

Don’t let the rollers scare you! You’ve probably got a set of old hot rollers lying around, or you’ve at least seen them before, but velcro rollers are much different. Heatless and easy to work with, these rollers will be set after the blow drying begins. Velcro rollers can be bought at any beauty supply store and are usually pretty cheap and come in a variety of sizes. Keep in mind that the smaller the roller, the tighter the curl, so larger rollers are what you want to aim for.

Prep Time

Before heat styling of any kind, you should always be doing a little prep work. Prepping your hair with product will protect your hair, shorten your dry time, and extend the life of your blowout. The type of product you use will vary depending on your hair type and texture. Consider what you would normally use when rough drying your hair or using a flat iron. The first product you apply should be some kind of heat protectant. Be it a straight protector with no other benefit, or a leave-in with added heat protection, the choice is yours. A favorite on TikTok is the Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Hair Oil.

Once you are ready to add your styling products, consider what your hair might fight against while trying to achieve this look. Is your hair fine and thin and you may lack volume? Try the Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Hair Volumizing Spray. Does your hair take forever to dry? Grab Redken’s Quick Blow Out Spray. Can’t seem to tame your frizz no matter what you do? You need Amika’s Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm. After applying your product and wiping your hands (no one likes a slippery blow dryer), grab your blow dry brush, velcro rollers, and get ready to roll.

Trust the Process

As you watch these TikToks you can see that the key is drying the hair up and away from your scalp, section by section, then wrapping the section in a roller as you go. Seems simple enough but there are a few key things to remember. First off, direction is everything. We know that up and away will create volume, but around the face be sure to direct your fringe area and face-framing back and away so you can achieve the most volume around the face. At the crown of your head, be sure to dry upwards and toward your face, so that when the hair falls backward it has maximum volume as well.

Once your hair is all set, mist your whole head with a flexible hairspray. Don’t opt for a hard hold as it will tamper with the fluffiness of the look. It’s also important to let your hair completely cool before removing the rollers. In beauty school they teach you that “hot hair is like wet paint—don’t touch it.” Let your locks cool down for the best end result.

After your hair has completely cooled, carefully remove the rollers and shake out your hair. This will help blend out any sectioning lines from where the rollers sat. Feel free to use your fingertips to fluff up the hair at your crown and underneath near your nape. Once you are satisfied with your new supermodel ‘do, give your lengths one more blast of hairspray to seal in your style.

If you want your bombshell blowout to last all week, HERE are four easy ways to extend the life of your blowout!

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