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I Found This Hair-Straightening Clamp Comb on TikTok—and It’s Only $8 on Amazon

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Every time I think I own every hair tool or gadget, I realize there’s always more to uncover. Case in point, Amazon’s hair-straightening clamp comb made by Boao. I discovered this item on none other than TikTok, and even the influencer who brought it to light seemed surprised it wasn’t yet a thing.

(via Amazon)

Amazon instructs its user to simply insert the hair into the comb, gently clamp it together, lift the hair and blow-dry with a hair dryer from the roots. The instructions claim to make your hair straight while drying it. For a whopping $8, you receive a pink and blue hair-straightening clamp comb.

Calling it “literally one of the best things I’ve gotten off Amazon,” Ashly Schwan tells her 230k+ followers that the tool “makes it so easy to grab the perfect piece of hair while you’re straightening and not burn your fingers.”

Demonstrating just how the game-changer works, Schwan simultaneously praises the tool for making her life so much easier. At the end, she makes it clear the video is not sponsored, and that she really just loves this thing.

As for what the Amazon community has to say, a large portion of reviewers praise the tool for plowing through coarse and coily hair, but many reviewers also say the item can’t withstand high heat. At the end of the day, each product is worth $4. Your expectations can’t be too high here. Perhaps they include two products in one pack in case something goes wrong. Either way, I’m excited to give it a go because it’s not like I really have anything to lose except a latte at Starbucks!

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